History of Neapolitan Pizza

The “Mast”Nicola” is said to be the first pizza made in the 16th century. The poor people could not afford olive oil so they used “lard”. We make it here!

For some time after the tomato was brought to Europe from the Americans in the 18th century, it was believed by many Europeans to be poisonous. However,by the late 18th century it was common for the poor in the area around Naples to add tomatoes to their yeast based flat breads. And so the “pizza” was born! “Pizza” became a tourist attraction as visitors would travel through the poor areas of Naples to try their new local speciality.

The Neapolitans take their pizza very seriously. In 1889, Queen Margherita visited “Pizza Brandi” ( which still operates today ) in Naples Italy.The pizzaiuoli (pizza maker) on duty that day, “Raffaele Esposito” created a pizza for the Queen evoking the colors of the new Italian flag. Red (tomatoes) Green (Basil leaves) and White (mozzarella) The Queen loved it! The “Pizza Margherita” was named in her honor. It is still the most popular pizza today in Naples and around the world today.

We are proud members of Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani

Roberto Caporuscio The President of the American Chapter APNThe APN (Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani) is an organization that seeks to preserve Neapolitan pizza making 200 year tradition and pass them down to a new generation. They promote the pizza maker in the art of pizza making.

World renowned Chef and Master Pizzaiuoli Roberto Caporuscio (Pontinia Italy) is the President of the American chapter APN. To meet the strict guidelines of the APN, the pizza makers at Scuola Vecchia are certified and carefully overseen by “Roberto” to maintain the high standards in the art of hand stretching the dough to perfection.

“Roberto” was born and raised on a dairy farm in Pontinia Italy where he first developed his culinary skills producing and selling cheese. “Roberto” has trained our staff at Scuola Vecchia in the art of cheese making. Mozzarella and burrata cheese are made in house daily. Buffalo mozzarella imported from Italy.


We imported bell shaped wood burning oven directly from Italy

Bell shaped wood burning oven

There are strict guidelines that apply to the oven size and shape that is required by the APN . The oven must be bell shaped and wood burning. The pizza must be cooked directly on the volcanic stone surface in the oven with a temperature of approx. 950-1000 degrees, which makes a pizza in approx. 90 seconds.