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The Best Food and Drink in Every State

There’s more to Florida than the beach and Disney World — though, Disney has some outrageous food items of its own. Between the resorts, the Keys, and Florida’s other hot tourist spots, there are dozens of attractive cuisine options available. In addition to the places frequented by tourists, Floridians are hiding a few gems of their own as well.

Here’s where you’ll find the best:
Best Burger: Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami uses Black Angus beef from California’s Harris Ranch in their burgers
Best Craft Brewery: Tampa’s Cigar City is beginning to make waves across the USA
Best Pizza: Scuola Vecchia is serving 25 pies both creative and traditional in Delray Beach
Best Soup: On Key West, Conch Republic serves a legendary conch chowder
Best Sushi Bar: The eight-seat Naoe in Miami treats its customers like kings and queens

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50 States Series: Best Pizza Worth Traveling For

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Experts rank the top 101 pies to find the “perfect slice”.

A panel of 78 experts has tested 700 pizzas from around the country – and they have found what they believe to be America’s perfect slice.

Scuola Vecchia is one of THE TOP 101 BEST PIZZAS IN AMERICA

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Best Pizza Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2014 – Scuola Vecchia

Scuola Vecchia is Italian for “old school,” which is exactly what you’ll get. Recipes are straight from Italy, which means this is as close to authentic Neapolitan pizza as South Florida can get.

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Welcome to Scuola Vecchia Pizza e Vino

This is how pizza was meant to be!

Scuola Vecchia in Italian means old school and our mission is to bring you the true taste of authentic Neapolitan pizza and specialities while using the finest ingredients and upholding truly time proven age old traditions. The only restaurant in South Florida certified by the Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani which oversees and maintains the highest standards in the art of making authentic Neapolitan pizza. Pizzas are cooked directly in our wood burning oven, on volcanic stone, giving our food a very distinct taste.

Buon appetito!


Scuola Vecchia Pizza e Vino Delray Beach

Scuola Vecchia Pizza e Vino Delray Beach

We are proud members of Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani

anavar for saleThe APN (Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani) is an organization that seeks to preserve Neapolitan pizza making 200 year tradition and pass them down to a new generation. They promote the pizza maker in the art of pizza making.

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World renowned Chef and Master Pizzaiuoli Roberto Caporuscio (Pontinia Italy) is the President of the American chapter APN. To meet the strict guidelines of the APN, the pizza makers at Scuola Vecchia are certified and carefully overseen by “Roberto” to maintain the high standards in the art of hand stretching the dough to perfection.


Scuola Vecchia Pizza e Vino Delray Beach